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If you are interested in buying any prints or merchandise from this site, when that photo appears in the big box on the right, simply click the green "Buy" button above it and to the right.  You will be given four options:

1.  "This Photo"  - You will be able to buy prints of many sizes and photo finishes; merchandise such as mugs, coasters, puzzles, t-shirts, aprons and many more items; and/or the electronic file of the photo.  All items will print without the Dave Osberg Photography copyright information that you see on the screen.   SmugMug handles  through its top notch vendors all of the production and mailing of these products.  

2.  "Photos from this Gallery" -  You can buy multiple photos from a gallery and can designate the size and finish for the prints you would like.

3.  "Create a Card" - You can buy a 4" x 8 " flat card or a 5" x 7" folded card.

4.  "Other Products" - You can create a book, a calendar, a video or have SmugMug's vendors do mounting and framing for you.

More information is contained in a link to the SmugMug site.  To return to my site after visiting SmugMug's detailed product information, just hit the "back" arrow on your browser until you have returned to my site.  Their information is contained at 


You may be prompted by SmugMug to crop the photo you have selected  if the shape you are ordering does not closely match the shape of the photo that I have posted on my website.  You can easily crop the photo as you move through the checkout process.  However, if the photo does not lend itself to the shape you would like you can choose a different photo or a different shape for the photo you have selected.  If neither of those options is suitable, you can get in touch with me at osbergdk@gmail.com and I will see if the original photo that you would like (which is most likely larger than the photo you are viewing) could be cropped and uploaded by me to SmugMug in a way that will satisfy your need.  If it can, I will do so and let you know when that process has been completed and where you can find the photo on my site.

Thank you very much for visiting my site.   Both SmugMug and I want you to have a good buying experience from the site,  so please get in touch with either of us if you are not satisfied.

Dave Osberg

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